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Neighborhood Haunt: Recipe Box

Neighborhood Haunt: Recipe Box

1613855_1452217971658276_262027075_nImagine you are just getting off of work. The weather outside is chilly, and the sky is dim. The first thing you want to do is slip on your comfiest sweats and curl up with a glass of wine, and a good meal. The last thing you want to do? Cook it. That, my friends, is why Recipe Box is a welcome addition to the South Broadway neighborhood.

If you are as domestically challenged as I, the Recipe Box is a true home away from home. With freezers full of easy-peasy, ready-to-cook meals, side dishes, and desserts, they can turn any cornflake-burning champion into a gourmet chef. Or, if you’re just stopping in for a quick bite, they offer freshly-prepared grab n’ go sandwiches and salads, too.

In fact, designer Karen Hofmeister and I paid the store a visit and brought back a number of delicious lunch options, from banh mi sandwiches and cobb salads, to a tarragon chicken salad sandwich that ranked right at the top of my list. I loved the food so much that I just couldn’t help stopping in after work to grab some dinner kits for the evening.


The uber affordable dinner kits serve two for under $20, and span a variety of cuisines— from Asian to Mediterranean to Mexican, with some traditional comfort food thrown in the mix as well. The final preparation takes only 15-20 minutes and they can even be frozen to use at a later date. I picked maple soy flank steak for my first dinner kit attempt and it from the looks of the licked-clean plates I could tell it was a smashing success. My boyfriend even offered to do the dishes, proving the key to a man’s heart really is through his stomach.

The hidden gem is located at 560 South Broadway, and you can spot it by its inviting kelly green awning. Stop in and say hello to the owner Jessica and the manager, Rosalie, who will offer you a warm welcome, and in your lucky, maybe even a bite of a tasty new recipe they’re preparing in the back!

Written by Megan Cohen, Copywriter

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