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The Year in re-VIEWS (get it?)

Anne-marie Salcito

The Year in re-VIEWS (get it?)


With the end of a year come the inevitable peaks and valleys… Best movies / worst outfits, best restaurants / worst Hollywood breakups, best so on and so forth. As finger-on-the-pulse ad folk, we of course took note of Mashable’s Top 10 Brands on Social Media in 2013 , and there were very few surprises:

  1. Leading the charge was Samsung Mobile, gaining over 1 million Facebook fans, 4 million Twitter followers, and over 86 million YouTube views
  2. Walt Disney came in second with 1 million new fans on Chinese network “Sina Weibo”, and more than 2 million on Facebook, owing these to the release of the new Monster’s University
  3. National Geographic received 160 million views on YouTube for content aligning with its 125th anniversary
  4. Nike, as always, received high praise for integrating social media as a core of its campaigns, racking up almost 50 million views on YouTube content.
  5. Google gained 3 million new Facebook fans (putting it’s total fan base above 15 million) surrounding the launch of the new Google Glass
  6. Coca-Cola gained over 15 MILLION new fans on Facebook in addition to 58 million views on its YouTube channel surrounding the “Share a Coke” campaign.
  7. MTV gained 10 million new fans across Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, owed in part to the hype generated by the MTV Video Music Awards.
  8. Facebook was confirmed as the world’s most popular social media channel, and gained 16 million fans on its own page, making it the single most followed brand on Facebook
  9. Instagram has continued to grow in numbers after debuting their video capabilities, and gained 16 million new followers on its official profile.
  10. YouTube rose to the world’s 4th most popular social network, gaining over 3 million fans on Google + alone in 2013

If you’re just ITCHING to find out what helps brands like these succeed in social media and how they build followers / views and ultimately (hopefully) loyalty / engagement, check out these 7 insightful pieces of guidance by Fast Company in 7 Critical Mistakes You’re (Almost Certainly) Making on Social Media.

Or, alternatively, you can invest in twerking lessions. Here’s to many views, likes, follows, and retweets in 2014!

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