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2014 Trendwatching

By Karsh Hagan | 

2014 Trendwatching

Have you been trend-watching so far in 2014? There are dozens, probably hundreds of sites and articles and videos you can seek out to find what the hot products and services will be in the coming year. But unless that’s specifically your job, who has the time? A more digestible version is always welcome. Enter, 7 Consumer Trends To Run With In 2014.


They dial down to explore and explain 7 trends to help us cater to consumer needs, desires and expectations.

You’ll learn how consumers will be given the opportunity to indulge while also escaping a “never ending guilt spiral”.

57% of consumers are willing to share additional personal information, such as their location, top five Facebook friends’ names, and information about family members, in return for financial rewards or better service. (Colman Parkes, April 2013). Find out what this means for Crowdshaping.

No data brands. While collecting data from consumers can be infinitely beneficial to brands, it can really tick of their customers. No data brands will do nothing more than offer the best service. No data needed. It’s a risky move for brands – but one that consumers would love to see happen.

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