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And we like to share our ideas

We Like to Share

We like to express our opinions and collaborate on ideas, so here are some good reads on strategy, community, Karsh Hagan culture, and recent work that we are proud of straight from the makers and doers at Karsh Hagan.

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Season’s Givings

(4 minute read) In a year like no other, Karsh Hagan is elevating its holiday spirit by giving back. Get some much-needed holiday cheer from Colorado's premier creative agency right here.

Lauren Corna & Carol Quinn: Employee Spotlight

(2 minute read) With KH tenures of four and ten years, respectively, Lauren and Carol have always played key roles in the Account Service department -- and across the agency. As we evaluated what was next in terms of department oversight, the answer was right in front of us: formalize the leadership roles of Lauren and Carol as co-directors of the department. Together, they will offer guidance, mentorship, and support to the team.

Alex Malloy: Employee Spotlight

(3 minute read) Social media goes beyond the algorithm these days, and social media community manager Alex Malloy is here to help clients break it down.

Why We Transitioned to Figma for Digital Design

(6 minute read) At Karsh Hagan we’re always looking for better, faster, and more efficient ways to execute digital design work for our clients. With the rise of work from home, collaboration is more important than ever.

It's Greater Than Gold

(5 minute read) At Karsh Hagan, we view the Olympics as a time for brand building and going beyond the gold.

Camille Ziccardi: Employee Spotlight

(3 minute read)

Why Are Third Party Cookies Going Away?

(13 minute read) Why has data privacy remained the hottest topic in digital marketing over the past 18 months?

Eleeza Palmer: Employee Spotlight

(1 minute read) Meet the animation ninja, Eleeza Palmer, our very own Motion Designer. 

The Power of Purpose

(6 minute read) Elevate what’s possible. These three words have carried a lot of weight over the past forty-three years, serving as the north star of our culture, attitude, and work. In the simplest of definitions, it means creating work that’s more than just work.

Using NFTs to Protect Creative Works

(6 minute read) We create NFTs of our creative work, not to compete in the art market, but to serve as an immutable, publicly-available, historical document of our work and the state of design and advertising in these strange times.

Promoting Colorado Tourism Safety in a Post-Pandemic World

(5 minute read) Karsh Hagan used top celebrity social media influencers and agile production to help the Colorado Tourism Office #DoColoradoRight by promoting COVID-19 safety.

Five Things to Help You Thrive in a Pandemic

(9 minute read) As the pandemic set in, it seemed like only deep breaths, coffee runs, critical thinking and long nights would get us through. But as the days went on, our teams hunkered down and worked together in new ways to meet the challenges of the new normal.