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Eleeza Palmer: Employee Spotlight

Nikki Godwin

Eleeza Palmer: Employee Spotlight

Meet the animation ninja, Eleeza Palmer, our very own Motion Designer. 

Eleeza brings her graphic design background and expertise to the table for clients like: Colorado Tourism Office, Pinnacle Bank, SonderMind, and VISIT DENVER. See a few examples of her work below. 



SonderMind Social


With the rise in motion graphics on social media and digital advertising, Eleeza knocks creative challenges out of the park through her savvy and bold style. #Thumbstopper!  

“I like to experiment with style and how I approach a project. I enjoy finding new ways of solving the same old problems, which can lead to some interesting results (and some outcomes are inherently better than others I might add, but you got to risk it for the biscuit!).” - Eleeza Palmer. 


Eleeza is a valuable asset to the Karsh Hagan team and our clients. Who wouldn’t want her eye for design on a project? Visit her instagram to see more of her work and get in touch with us for any & all of your motion graphic needs. 

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