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Let's watch something together

The Challenge

The emergence of streaming services has allowed viewers access to an incredible number of movies and shows. But having too many choices often presents a problem: How do you choose what to watch? We wanted to explore the problem most people have with content selection and rethink the models that lead to those recommendations, similar to how Netflix and Prime Video recommend personalized content to viewers. Most importantly, we wanted to make it easier for two people to find something to watch together, because we believe entertainment should be a shared experience.

Our Role

  • Business Strategy
  • Product Roadmap
  • Product Design
  • Branding Creative Strategy
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Design Development
  • Testing & Analytics Technology Architecture

The Solution

WeVu collaborated with Karsh Hagan and Brighter Side, a UX and product design agency in Denver, to develop a digital product from the ground up to solve decision fatigue in entertainment viewing.  

We started with a business strategy and brand strategy and performed extensive research to better target our problem.  We then honed in on a product roadmap and defined the algorithm that will become the discovery choice engine to drive the product. 

We created fundraising presentation materials and facilitated capital investment meetings to get the seed funding to get the product going.  We then did user-research to validate and identify specific needs and prototyped the initial product to keep investors on board. 

Then, we executed the public beta product defining the user experience, UI design, and agile technology architecture with a react front end and node back end to make it all work.


Wevu website shown on three mobile phones featuring movie characters and posters.Wevu logo on a couch pillow with the words, "Let's watch something together."
Wevu's playfully illustrated iconography.Wevu branded USB dongle.Wevu website shown on four iPads.
Mashup of content from the Wevu website.Wevu's beautifully designed business cards.

The Impact

We are excited to announce that the product is currently in beta testing, and the initial feedback has been very positive. Current users are saying “I have this problem all the time” and “those movies are something I really wanted to watch.”  

We’re using analytics to determine how the product should evolve. Our roadmap includes features that make it even easier and more compelling to discover great content. We look forward to the next steps of funding, growing the product feature set, user growth, and user adoption.  


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