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Find Your Place In The Sky

The Challenge

Big Sky is known for the “biggest skiing in America,”  but historically the area struggled to attract visitors in the remaining seasons. Despite Big Sky’s vast beauty and incredible selection of outdoor activities, visitors traveling to Yellowstone and Glacier National Park rarely included the area in their itineraries or associated it with Yellowstone Country. Visit Big Sky sought to support the community and local economy by attracting high-value travelers and outdoor enthusiasts who would stay longer, spend more and treat Big Sky’s nature with respect. Which meant we needed to get to work changing travelers’ perceptions.

The Solution

We set out to show our high-value audience that, while Yellowstone and Glacier National Park are great places to see things, Big Sky is the best place to DO things. After all, our audience is made up of people who know the difference between a dry fly and a steamer. Between a drift boat and a raft. Between a ribeye and a T-bone. Visit Big Sky’s very first brand campaign targeted those who appreciate the quality and diversity of everything Big Sky has to offer year-round with the message “Find Your Place In The Sky.” (P.S. We also helped them find Big Sky on a map.)

Once our creative messaging was set, we developed a media strategy that would work hard on a limited budget. We identified travelers exploring Yellowstone and Glacier National Park trips based on their search behavior, lodging research, blog reading, and access of travel planning resources. We then used geo-fencing to target Big Sky’s winter visitors with shoulder season ads. We leveraged our vast troves of data to identify a specific flighting strategy to influence trips during the “secret season” -- June and August through October. Then we devised a digital strategy that would pull back spend in order to avoid crowding on Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends.


In the short time since the campaign launched in May 2021, we’ve achieved:

  • Increased hotel occupancy during June and August based on DestiMetrics lodging data
  • More than 5 million campaign impressions
  • CTR of .34%, resulting in 16,000 clicks to

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