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Live Toasty. Eat Toasty.

The Challenge

How do you redefine success and launch a new menu targeted at millennials for a quirky restaurant chain that pioneered the toasted sub, has a reputation for off-beat humor, and faces new competition from every angle?

Our Role

  • Branding
  • Media Strategy
  • Television
  • Digital
  • Radio
  • Mobile
  • Outdoor

The Solution

To strategically go beyond the food and give purpose to Quiznos quirky personality and offbeat humor. Purpose brings into focus what matters most. It defines what you stand for and how that plays out in your actions moving forward. For Quiznos, purpose allowed them to create deeper connections with their customers. From TV to the Point of Sale, ‘Live Toasty. Eat Toasty.’ highlights their delicious subs while tapping into their customers’ fun-loving and free-spirited values

Several creatively illustrated badges with the words, "Live Toasty. Eat Toasty."
Quiznos branded sandwich wrappers.Quiznos sandwich with a toasted bun.

The Impact

Live Toasty. Eat Toasty. Four simple words we crafted for the Quiznos brand that speak to their millennial audience. They unite the toasty sandwiches Quiznos makes and the people who live the ‘toasty’ life. They are more than a tagline. They drive action from customers and drive decisions internally. Ultimately, they gave Quiznos the ability to move forward with a cohesive marketing platform that allows the brand to reclaim their momentum and their leadership position in the competitive sandwich market.


Named a finalist in the 2017 Radio Mercury Awards for Best Overall Agency-Produced Radio Spot

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