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Platform T

A Modern Tea Bar Redefined

The Challenge

To define the modern tea lounge experience by tapping into the emotional power of the universal human pursuit for wanderlust.


Our Role

  • Architectural Design
  • Brand Collateral
  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Packaging

The Solution

Align the Platform T brand with people’s shared thirst for travel, exploration and adventure. Using iconic elements like topographic patterns and ornate iron train station archways, we evoked the tactile experience of navigating the aromas and flavors of foreign lands. Interior architecture contrasted metallic tin with rustic wood and stone textures, infusing modern aesthetic with old world edge.

Illustrated topography overlaid with the Platform-T logo.Several Platform-T containers with elegantly designed packaging.
Photograph of a coffee shop interior featuring multiple reclaimed wood details.Top down shot of a cup of tea.Several Platform-T containers with elegantly designed packaging.
Person serving tea with branded apron, serving board, tea package and tea cup.Hands holding branded to-go coffee cups.
Well-organized merchandise area of the Platform-T coffee shop.Platform-T container with elegantly designed packaging.

The Impact

Introduced tea to a new breed of young connoisseurs and provided the city of Denver with a unique liquid escape from the ordinary. Platform T has enjoyed immense success, having already opened a second location with plans to open five more over the next five years. The simple flavor-based framework we used to categorize the many varieties of tea acts as an intuitive guide through foreign lands, encouraging tea novices to travel outside their comfort zone and try something different every visit.


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