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FourPoint Energy

It’s all about our energy

The Challenge

To introduce an inspiring, values-based, brand story that focuses on the energy and innovation of the company through its most valuable asset: its people.


Our Role

  • Branding
  • Environmental Design
  • Advertising 
  • Website
  • Employee Relations

The Solution

Celebrate the culture, the values and the energy of the people that work at FourPoint Energy with new branding and new brand language that both speaks to and inspires its employees and partners across the country. Using the culture and people as the center element, we wanted to step away from the tired brand view of traditional energy companies and redefine what it means to be an innovative, employee-focused energy company operating in today’s fast-paced energy market. To be true to this brand identity and further propel the FourPoint Energy culture, we created the anthem, “It’s all about our energy” and launched the campaign internally first, among the FourPoint Energy family.


The Impact

The “It’s all about our energy” launch event and subsequent campaign materials have created a unified rallying cry across the FourPoint Energy employees and stakeholders and galvanized their energy, inspiring and motivating a higher level of collaboration, innovation, and dedication. Town Hall meetings were established after the kick-off event and have provided a great forum for questions, honest conversation and a safe and educational place to talk about business, the marketplace, the future, and the company’s role in the industry. Productivity and morale are both up. Employees say they are working in tandem toward a common goal. The clarity and content of the new value messaging helps attract more qualified recruits – exciting new talent whose own values mirror FourPoint Energy’s – people who are hard working, dedicated, experienced, smart, and kind.