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D:FI Brand Launch

Products made to be touched

The Challenge

Reposition, redesign and relaunch the D:FI brand to embody youth rebellion by creating a platform that captures the style, the attitude and the music of global club culture.

Our Role

  • Branding
  • Brand Collateral
  • User Experience
  • Website Design
  • Front End Development
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The Solution

Take to the streets of Berlin and partner with the world's biggest DJs to capture an aesthetic that is raw and real. Using club culture as our muse, we developed a mobile-responsive site, a club trend blog and an innovative packaging design featuring thermochromatic ink. We then took products to the salon and into the club through a coordinated sampling initiative. To bring the club experience home our packaging was designed to respond to the heat of a shower or body to reveal imagery that straddled the line between racy fun and full-on sexuality.


The Impact

Our brand launch video brings Berlin’s club culture to our target audience. It’s a world full of dancing, sex and alcohol. And devoid of consequences. The video was scored by one of Europe’s hottest DJs. When it debuted in salons and on computer screens, it introduced viewers to a shameless life they only wish they lived.

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