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Boys and Girls Clubs

Dream House Raffle

The Challenge

To differentiate the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver (BGCMD) Dream House Raffle from similar raffles which launch at the same time, grab attention and sell a ton of raffle tickets.

Our Role

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Public Relations
  • Television
  • Digital / Mobile 
  • Website Redesign 
  • Out of Home
  • Social Media Creative Support 

The Solution

Take deliberate steps away from the tired, formulaic charity marketing approach and give our audience something new to talk about and donate to.

To break through the noise, we needed to flip the script on how a majority of charities currently market themselves to potential donors. The sad, pleading, charity approach is tired, uninspiring and audiences tend to zone out quickly. We discovered that while helping kids is an important issue, the real driving factor to selling more raffle tickets is the amazing odds of winning (1 in 20).

So, to flip the usual charity ad convention on its head (and add a little needed fun and humor into the category), we created a campaign called “Save The Prizes,” in which a charming kid from Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver tugs at our audience's heart-strings to help these “poor, unfortunate prizes find a home” by buying raffle tickets.

The Impact

The 2018 raffle was a huge success due to the strategic media recommendations made prior to launch.  

We allocated budget to build frequency using channels with the highest recall and preference based on previous survey results. 

We got in front of the competition by running the majority of our media prior to our Early Bird #1 deadline with a goal of 65% of tickets sold by this date. 

The team utilized visual media to tell the story in the Denver DMA.

Our media team was able to purchase a media buy around the 2018 Winter Olympics to ensure people who were watching, saw our spot. 

We exceed our Early Bird #1 raffle goal by 5%, and the 2018 drawing overall exceeded last year’s by over 20%; making it the most successful in years.