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Biennial of the Americas

Bringing Leaders Together for a Better Tomorrow

The Challenge

To create an inspiring, holistic communications campaign to drive awareness and attendance of The Biennial of the Americas conference in Denver: an international platform for leaders to build upon the important economic and cultural ties between North, South and Central America. 

Our Role

  • Campaign Creation
  • Integrated Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Communications Planning 
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Collateral
  • Environmental Design 

The Solution

Create a compelling brand story that redefines how an international conference looks and acts. Build a deeper understanding among participants of how this event can bring people together and foster substantive political, commercial and cultural exchanges across the Americas. 

Out-of-home wall poster advertisement featuring seven posters with many multi-color irregular shapes.Stylized image of the leaves of a fern and the numbers 2017.
Poster for a concert featuring the musician, X Alfonso.Stylized typography saying, "Biennial of the Americas. Denver USA. 2017."Stylized photograph of a byzantine building interior with many irregular shapes of color and the word, "Art."
Stylized vintage photograph of a women with braids canoeing through a lake with many flowers in her boat.Irregular shapes of color overlaid on a stylized photograph of leaves, with the word "Music."
Outdoor shot of a concert poster for Yissi & Bandancha.Hand-painted image of many green and black triangles.Irregular shapes of orange overlaid on a stylized arial photograph of a city, with the word "Culture."

The Impact

The 2017 event brought together high-profile speakers, artists, architects and world leaders from 20 different countries, drove record attendance for the event and created crucial momentum and publicity which will help the Biennial to continue to grow for years to come. 

We're ready when you are

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