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Life is what you make it. And it all starts with focus, desire and a purpose. Put your purpose into action in 2017. Start by typing it below. Share it with the world. And go make it happen.

My purpose for 2017 is to:

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Make a difference

Be a better friend

TO be healthier and stronger

find other people just like me and befriend them.

Be more myself, regardless of what other people think.

TO be helpful

Follow my passion and never be complacent

Be vulnerable

Make a brand out of Karshni

Get Hired by an advertising agency

   1977 — 2017: 40 years of putting purpose into action

   1977 — 2017: 40 years of putting purpose into action

be happy and make a difference for at least one person

Be Creative

Do something every day that pushes me outside my comfort zone.

Make ad music memorable and Fun again

make it 4 years without smoking


Stop Looking for Advice. Start taking risks.

Release 12 DJ mixes, one for each month

start a new business

Spread Joy