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Camille Ziccardi

VP, Insight & Marketing Strategy

Black and white image of Karsh Hagan's VP, Insight & Marketing Strategy, Camille Zaccardi

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  • Archstone Communities
  • Aspen Snowmass
  • The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa
  • Colorado Tourism Office, Comcast
  • First Data Corp
  • Hyatt Hotels
  • IBM
  • Pinnacle Bank
  • Old Chicago
  • Quizno’s
  • Southern Land Company
  • Texas Instruments
  • Western Union
  • University of Colorado
  • Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado.

“Business-Savvy” isn’t her middle name, but it may as well be. Camille started in PR, and throughout her career, she’s continued to emphasize the importance of communication and has developed a keen understanding of the business of business. As the leader of Karsh Hagan’s business strategy and communications teams—and often, prospective clients’ first touchpoint at our agency—Camille is pivotal in forging strong client relationships, ensuring integration, and helping build brands from the ground up. When she isn’t focused on building a client's business, she is having fun (the other agency motto) with her two young daughters and husband.


  • Aspen Snowmass
  • Colorado Rapids Football Club
  • Colorado Tourism Office
  • Denver International Airport
  • Litehouse
  • Scooter's Coffee
  • Travel South Dakota
  • University of Colorado Anschutz
  • Vitalant
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