And a culture of creativity


To build and nurture a fun, inspiring and purpose–driven company takes experience and hands–on leadership. Those rare individuals who have not only spent time in the trenches of the business world, but know how to use that experience to guide and motivate the next generation forward. Leaders that instill confidence, that encourage collaboration and teamwork to solve a common goal. At Karsh Hagan, we believe the key to great leadership starts with creating an environment in which people can treat each other and each other’s ideas with respect. Giving control rather than taking it. That's how you build trust. And that’s how you create new leaders.



If you want to do smart, dynamic, interesting work, it’s best to work with smart, dynamic, interesting people. That’s what we have at Karsh Hagan and that’s what we look for in new people. Individuals who want to set the world on fire. One spark at a time.

Broken Amps

joseph saperstein
senior creative technologist

Wandering Cheesehead

christina sokol
senior digital media strategist

Vox Maven

toddy walters
hr generalist

Determined Energetic

kerry cooper
broadcast media manager

All In

tom welborn
broadcast editor

Proud Native

brin blechman
media supervisor

Idea Chasing

dave markes
senior art director

goes2 11

jeff keil
senior digital designer

Peppy Pickler

camille heinrich ziccardi
insights & integration director

Well-Read Red

carol quinn
account director

sup bra

trevor glassman
director of experience design

Spritely Yolo

anne-marie salcito
account supervisor

Random Outbursts

mark stiltner
associate creative director

Glittered Hedgehog

ivy vaughn
media planner

Kato Potato

kristine crawford
graphic designer

savvy sass

nikki baker
associate media director

Curious Gypsy

jordan kuglitsch
senior account manager

Sunshine Angler

jillian dinsdale
assistant account manager

313 --> 303

scott brakora
senior account manager

exact estimate

michael buelt
Sr. Digital Producer

CMYK All Day

lucio duran
Studio Manager

mighty mouse

erin spong
Jr. Copywriter

Obsessively Organized

kristen boulware
Group Account Director

Ole Timer

greg breeden
Digital Campaign Manager

active enthusiast

alli quinn
Account Manager

wing woman

mattie hannigan
Account Coordinator

happy camper

katie engerman
Media Planner/Buyer

Marinara = Lifeblood

nick marranzino
Digital Designer/Art Director

Hillbilly Ingenuity

greg ryan
design director

imagination junkie

lindsey mills
senior art director

Studio Swagger

stephen hausrath
senior studio artist

Possibly Vegan

ryker fitch

always searching

lauren berlamino
account director

Inspired Explorer

lauren corna
account supervisor

smarty pants

nancy casey
Senior Integrated Producer

seeking inspiration

camille king
associate creative director

minor infractions

bay edwards
media coordinator

weekend warrior

dave britt
senior account manager

new yorker

adele lawrence
new business coordinator