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This is Your Brain on Change


SonderMind has always believed in disrupting the status quo for mental healthcare, but it struggled to express that belief to its fullest potential. SonderMind’s start-up mentality for digital and social content brought a high volume of posts but lacked a consistent point of view. SonderMind’s tone was often caught between disruptive “redesigner” and holistic “caregiver,” leaving the brand without a strong identity and indistinguishable from its competition.

Our challenge was to elevate SonderMind from just another mental wellness brand to a mental health expert and advocate. We sought to overcome this challenge by developing a content strategy that emphasized the brand’s disruptive aspirations, adopting a tone of voice that reinforced the brand’s redesigner DNA.


  • Message Platform Development
  • Key Leadership Interviews
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Creative Strategy and Design
  • Media Strategy
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Performance Reporting
  • Content Strategy and Planning
  • Integrated Campaign Strategy
  • Landing Page Design
  • Broadcast TV Advertising
  • Online Video
  • Digital/Online Advertising
  • Digital Radio Advertising
  • Social Media Strategy and Design
  • Research and Analysis


SonderMind was committed to disrupting the mental healthcare status quo, so Karsh Hagan developed a multi-phased marketing strategy equally committed to the goal.


Phase 1: Optimizing Media 

We helped SonderMind reevaluate their approach to media investment by shifting focus to brand-building tactics such as video and audio. The shift increased brand awareness, customer demand, and filled their pipeline with qualified leads, allowing them to solidify their brand while simultaneously hitting aggressive conversion goals.

Prior to our engagement, SonderMind developed three audience personas that described why their clients were coming to the decision to seek therapy. The personas provided an insightful guide to creative messaging and UX optimizations, but they weren’t backed by data that would allow us to effectively target via our media efforts. So we reverse engineered a digital display campaign to deliver audience data post-engagement. This data helped refine SonderMind’s three personas and allowed us to more accurately target potential customers for future campaigns.


Phase 2: Establishing a Social Presence

We developed a social content strategy that celebrated SonderMind’s redesigner DNA and holistically supported the brand’s key content pillars: education, inclusivity, disrupting the status quo, and breaking down mental health barriers.

From there, we created several social campaigns, each with a unique strategy that would carve out an ownable space for SonderMind in the social stratosphere. 

“Big Stinkin’ Lie” helped bust common mental health myths and misconceptions. 

“SonderMemes” subtly picked a fight with competitors by teasing out the differences between self-care and therapy.

“Don’t Forget Your Head” reminded people to give as much TLC to their mental health as they do to their physical health.


Phase 3: Customer Journey and Communications Planning

We wanted to maximize the client experience while driving conversions, so we took a deep dive into the SonderMind organization, brand, and website. The deep dive included stakeholder interviews, audience segment analyses, website analysis, and more. This intensive research built the foundation for customer journey mapping, an integrated journey-based communications plan, and website optimization recommendations.


Phase 4: Campaign Platform

We leveraged this strategic foundation to evolve SonderMind’s existing collection of clever lines into a breakthrough integrated campaign platform that elevated the brand above its competitors and the mental health industry as a whole.

The campaign, This Is Your Brain on Change, conveys both the change that SonderMind brings to the mental healthcare system as well as the change that a client experiences from working with a SonderMind therapist. While competitors coddle their audiences and talk down to them in soft, simple terms, this campaign messaging lifts people up and challenges them to let their minds go somewhere greater. 

The Impact

Through the This Is Your Brain on Change campaign, SonderMind was able to articulate its purpose and beliefs with a clear, consistent tone of voice. By rooting the campaign’s messaging architecture in the customer journey and the communications plan, every message was a pointed invitation delivered directly to the right audience at precisely the right time. 

  • In the first five months we executed this strategy in 2021, we converted over 100,000 New Client Requests worth an estimated $37B. 


  • Social Performance Metrics (as of June 2021):
    • Impressions: + 31% YoY
    • Engagement: + 26% YoY
    • Post link clicks: + 27% YoY
    • Social audience gain: + 33% YoY 
    • 76.47% increase in new client requests from June 2020 to June 2021 


SonderMind got into The Fifty award show, which celebrates the 50 best ideas in advertising/design in Denver.


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