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Days That Shine Nights That Sizzle

The Challenge

Denver has a combination of friendly locals, unique outdoor experiences and 300 days of sunshine making it an unforgettable place to visit. To continue to increase visitation, we needed our creative to better showcase the unique activities, excellent weather and one-of-a-kind vibrancy. 

Our Role

  • Integrated Brand Strategy 
  • Creative Strategy
  • Media Strategy
  • TV/Cable Advertising 
  • Digital Advertising 
  • Radio Advertising 
  • Print Advertising 
  • Out of Home Advertising

The Solution

By focusing on all of the possibilities, Denver has to offer, we creatively encouraged visitors to embrace the vibrant energy and friendly people. Through the eyes of Denver’s passionate locals, we showed people enjoying the city's favorite restaurants, attractions, breweries and outdoor activities. 

We ultimately inspired people to visit the city of Denver, where the sun is bright and the spirit is brighter. We invited people to truly “Soak it all in.”


The Impact

Visitation has increased as more people are putting Denver at the top of their destination bucket list. Tourism revenue has increased, hotels are continuing to fill up, and the Denver travel industry continues to thrive. This new campaign is positioned to continue the upward trajectory. 


In 2017 the city also enjoyed its highest-ever tourism revenue at $6.5 billion — a 5 percent increase over 2016. And overnight visitors, who accounted for more than half of the tourists, spent 6 percent more than in 2016, according to the report by Longwoods International.

  • 2017 marked the 12th consecutive year of growth for Denver tourism.
  • Since 2005, Denver tourism has grown by 65 percent compared to 24 percent nationally.

“It’s the first time since we’ve been tracking Denver tourism numbers that we have achieved this level of success in terms of both visitors and tourism revenue,” said Mayor Michael B. Hancock.