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The Aspen Way

Love, Unity, Commit, Respect

The Challenge

To stand out from the sea of expected ski advertising conventions and set Aspen Snowmass apart by finding unexpected, authentic ways to connect with past and future guests.

Our Role

  • Integrated Strategy
  • Branding and Positioning
  • Creative Strategy
  • Media Strategy
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social and PR
  • Environmental
  • Merchandising
  • Print Advertising
  • Video

The Solution

Inspired by an op-ed titled “We’re Still Here” by Aspen Skiing Company CEO Mike Kaplan, we created a multi-media campaign called “The Aspen Way” .

Together we chose four words that represent their true and demonstrated values — love, unity, commit and respect.

And then translated these words into physical mountaintop installations for everyone to see and interact with - and take center stage in the campaign.

“The Aspen Way” takes a leadership role, sets Aspen Snowmass apart from other resorts, and gives voice to the values that guide us all and can bring us together in these divisive times.

The Impact

Within a week of launching, the response to “The Aspen Way” has been incredible. In the words of our client, within the first week “there’s already been more feedback, both positive and negative, than the last few years combined”. With a mix of video, display, and social, the campaign is positioned to generate conversation and connections for months to come.