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We like to express our opinions and collaborate on ideas, so here are some good reads on strategy, community, Karsh Hagan culture, and recent work that we are proud of straight from the makers and doers at Karsh Hagan.

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Pondering What's Possible in Creative Technology

Our VP, Creative Technology Director talks about how Karsh Hagan plans to traverse the digital unknown.

Communication drives technology innovation

Recently, I attended the An Event Apart Conference (AEA) in Seattle, Washington.

Brands and the Future of Technology

From smart contacts to emotion-sensing technology, Lauren Curler, Account Director, blew our minds when she shared with us what technology will soon be available for brands to leverage.

CES Trends & Technology

It was 2001 and I was experiencing for the first time the spectacle known as CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

Transforming a Website into an Alexa Voice Bot

In the spirit of innovation and exploration, the creative technology team at Karsh Hagan embarked on a quest to create a voice-driven bot to learn more about how to apply the technology.

Ad Blocking is... Good?

In digital advertising, technology is always top of mind.

Building purpose into Arrow’s new website

You might know that Arrow is the largest company in the state of Colorado, employing more than 16,000 people. And you’ve likely heard something about them being a technology components and parts reseller. But you probably don’t know their real story—how they enable innovation that influences peoples’ lives around the world.

Understanding the omnichannel.

Like many marketing technology buzzwords, the omnichannel sounds cool, but it doesn’t really tell the whole story.

Developing countries and the ‘Mobile Revolution’

Mobile technology has been going through what some have dubbed the ‘Mobile Revolution,’ and it just turned on its after-burners.

The Social Media Pulse: F8 Conference Round-Up

Partnerships for a Brighter Future

At Karsh Hagan, our clients demand leadership and innovation in the digital space.

DVLP DNVR 2018 Recap

Karsh Hagan joined Develop Denver for their seventh annual DVLP DNVR conference in RiNo to see what kinds of new hotness Denver's tech community is hyping, shading and ghosting.