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We like to express our opinions and collaborate on ideas, so here are some good reads on strategy, community, Karsh Hagan culture, and recent work that we are proud of straight from the makers and doers at Karsh Hagan.

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Local Charity Asked Us to Put Them Out of Business

(2 minute read) Mark Stiltner, Associate Creative Driector, talks about our interns putting together a project for client Metro Caring.

Forget the Apple

(3 minute read) Doctors are increasingly prescribing hikes to promote good health.

Independence Never Gets Old

(2 minute read) Karsh Hagan helps InnovAge change the way you feel about senior care.

KH brings New Energy to Biennial of the Americas

(2 minute read) One of the most important gatherings in the Western Hemisphere is in Denver.

Karsh Hagan launches CU fundraising website

(2 minute read) The University of Colorado Anschutz is one of the nation’s newest and most advanced medical campuses.