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Local Charity Asked Us to Put Them Out of Business

Mark Stiltner

Local Charity Asked Us to Put Them Out of Business

Metro Caring is dedicated to ending hunger for good.

As the city of Denver continues to expand, so do the opportunities to lend a hand within the community. Since the beginning, giving back has been a staple for Karsh Hagan. Our Karsh Hagan Cares program is designed to encourage employees to take a paid day off and volunteer within the community. Karsh Hagan has developed many strong relationships within our neighborhood, including our most recent partnership with Metro Caring.

Metro Caring is a local non-profit dedicated to helping eliminate poverty in the area. In the past, we’ve had employees volunteer at Metro Caring’s facility for a day, but this year we decided to take things a step further. 

Our winter interns created a branding campaign for Metro Caring that puts a new twist on accomplishing their goals. The “Put us out of Business.” campaign emphasizes the fact that Metro Caring’s goal is to put an end to poverty and, consequently, the need for their services. The creative elements of the campaign reference the volunteers and employees who work hard to make a world without poverty a reality. Additionally, Metro Caring received a complete implementation plan including media tactics, PR plan and a communications strategy.

But our interns didn’t stop there. They also created the “More than a Handout,” campaign to showcase Metro Caring’s ability to educate, train, and feed their community participants via cooking classes, financial literacy classes, a Fresh Foods Market and other assistance programs. Metro Caring plans to share these images and messages on their social media channels to educate the community on their services.

Our winter interns were grateful for the chance to do some good work for a good cause. As for the rest of us, we plan to continue our mission to elevate what’s possible throughout our community. Whether it’s helping to stock the shelves of Metro Caring’s free grocery store or designing a campaign to make Colorado residents aware of the good work being done to help others. 

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