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Forget the Apple

Mark Stiltner

Forget the Apple

A growing body of research suggests that the great outdoors is also great for your health. In particular, getting outdoors and getting some fresh air led to a 30% increase in people reporting their health as ‘excellent’ in a recent study conducted in Britain at the University of Derby. 

Back here in the states, a growing trend is seeing doctors prescribing hikes and visits to parks for patients. A recent article in National Geographic highlighted doctors prescribing thousands of visits to state parks. Getting some good old-fashioned fresh air can have benefits for chronic conditions like diabetes and obesity as well as depression and other mental health issues. 

This comes as no surprise to us in Colorado, a State consistently ranked as one of the healthiest. We know the value that connecting with nature can have on our health and we have an abundance of outdoor activities year-round to help keep us healthy. Colorado may not be the Fountain of Youth, but with ample national forests and parks, beautiful open space and an abundance of year-round recreational activities, we might just be the Fountain of Health. At Karsh Hagan, we don’t think we should keep all this goodness to ourselves. 

We’ve been working for years with Colorado Tourism to bring people to the state and experience its natural wonder for themselves. To date, we’ve brought millions of visitors to Colorado. And The Denver Post wrote, “Research found that the Colorado Tourism Office's $4.5 million "Come to Life" television and print ad campaign, stirred $898 million in spending in the state. That doubles the return on investment from previous ad campaigns.” Currently we are working with Colorado Conventions to bring even more outdoor events and activities to Colorado. 

We believe in a healthy Colorado, both for the people and for the economy. And nurturing a healthy lifestyle with lots of time spent in nature is an important way that we can contribute to the health and wellbeing of Coloradans and Americans in general. 

Here’s a look at some of our work for Colorado Tourism, while it might not be a traditional health and wellness brand, it just might be the cure for what ails you. 

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