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KH brings New Energy to Biennial of the Americas

Mark Stiltner

KH brings New Energy to Biennial of the Americas

One of the most important gatherings in the Western Hemisphere is in Denver.

While serving as Mayor of Denver, current Governor, John Hickenlooper, envisioned an event that would celebrate ideas and cultures across the Americas. This vision evolved into the Biennial of the Americas. It’s a one-of-a-kind celebration of art, culture, food music and ideas — where leaders, artists and thinkers from across the continents of North and South America converge. 

Seven years after its creation, the Biennial found it needed to evolve to capture and communicate its identity and purpose to the city that hosts it. This event has the potential to put Denver in the political center of the hemisphere. But first, the Biennial must communicate its purpose and potential to the world.  

Leveraging Ellen Bruss Design’s initial work and through research and extensive conversations with the Biennial’s leadership and their board of directors, Karsh Hagan helped articulate their reason for being and designed a refreshed brand identity to reinvigorate the organization ahead of the 2017 Biennial of the Americas event. 

Karsh Hagan created a comprehensive brand identity – "Connecting the Americas. Cultivating Possibilities.” – which evolved into the brand’s essence, and served as the inspiration for a logo and visual system that uses the shapes of countries across North and South America to create a refreshed logo. The colors and graphic elements were also extended into a complete brand system used to design collateral to promote the Biennial.  

The bold visual system has been used across Denver and the web to support upcoming concerts, talks and events related to the Biennial. Karsh Hagan’s branding and design work have been generating newfound excitement and awareness for the event using outdoor mural walls, posters and digital advertising. Karsh Hagan is proud to help make the 2017 Biennial celebration the best yet, and to keep the momentum building for years to come. 

Join Karsh Hagan at the 2017 Biennial of the Americas

September 12-16, 2017 

Events and details at 

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