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Karsh Hagan Launches New Pinnacle Bank Website

David Stewart, vp, creative technology director | 

Karsh Hagan Launches New Pinnacle Bank Website

Giving a long-term client a brand new makeover 

It is with great pride and anticipation that Karsh Hagan announces the launch of the new Pinnacle Bank, Bank of Colorado website. 

Building on a strong relationship 

Karsh Hagan has had a close relationship with Pinnacle Bank for over 10 years. As a leading community bank, relationships are what Pinnacle Bank is all about in each of their nearly 150 branches in eight states. Karsh Hagan is proud to be a trusted partner in technology-focused work for the company. 

Disciplined UX leads to focus on design

When Pinnacle Bank reengaged Karsh Hagan to update their website,, we set out to test the user experience, UX, strategy we implemented four years ago. To our delight, this strategy was still working, which allowed us to focus solely on the design of the site and refine the customer brand experience. Iterative improvement is what we strive for at Karsh Hagan, doing things right the first time so we can make progress and focus on more valued efforts moving forward. 

Karsh Hagan modernizes site design

To create design as effective as the UX strategy, Karsh Hagan focused on the brand essence of Pinnacle Bank—the branding, user interface design, and overall feel of the site. 

When Pinnacle Bank and Karsh Hagan began working on the website, we: 

  • Incorporated beautiful photography from past campaigns to create a brand-friendly experience throughout the site.
  • Integrated community content into the site to further strengthen the local focus of Pinnacle Bank and Bank of Colorado customers.
  • Localized the site with specific SEO landing pages targeting localized non-branded keywords to make the bank easier to find in search engine result pages.
  • Owned brand colors to differentiate the bank from their competitors.
  • Optimized calls to action to help customers quickly find what they are looking for.
  • And upgraded the User Interface, UI, kit with a more rigorous structure around the design of every aspect of the UI of the site.  

Thank you to Pinnacle Bank for trusting Karsh Hagan with your brand and website technology makeover. Doing great work and building businesses is what Karsh Hagan is all about, doing it right the first time, so we can evolve into the future.  

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