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Meet Parker Weber, VP, Media Director

By Karsh Hagan | 

Meet Parker Weber, VP, Media Director

A Colorado native

Parker Weber, a Colorado native, and CU-Boulder Alumn has a calming demeanor that combined with a thoughtful and strategic mindset, makes for a great Media Director. Parker decided to join us after 13 years in NYC and expressed excitement on returning to her hometown where she can enjoy family BBQ’s, sing-alongs around the campfire and of course, raise her 22-month-old daughter in the beautiful state of Colorado. We sat down with Parker to get to know her and her background a little better. Here is what we found out.

Why did she choose to work for Karsh Hagan?

Parker took her time and put a lot of effort into planning her next career move. Spending most of her work life at full-service agencies, she learned and believes that the best way to do business is to work directly with your creative and account team. She wasn’t ready to compromise on her position, so when she got the call about the director position at Karsh Hagan she felt like she won the lottery. From the start, she believed Karsh Hagan was the perfect fit for her. She feels lucky to be working here (we feel fortunate to have you too!).

Her approach to integration: paid media + social + PR + content?

Parker believes that integration comes easily and naturally when you put your client’s business problems at the center of everything you do. Solutions should be approached from the angle of complete channel agnosticism so that there’s no bias on the solution being delivered, and more so about whatever is the smartest and most efficient way to put a plan together. Having a culture at an agency where integration is supported is key.

What she hopes to accomplish this year at Karsh Hagan and in 3 years?

From a client perspective, she wants to WOW them with smart plans and continues to build on opportunities that will grow their business.

From a department perspective, she wants to support and foster all the great talent at Karsh Hagan. Parker’s been extremely impressed by all the people in the department – from the quality of their work, their skills, and how everyone is professional but fun to work with.

Odd, but great work habit:

She has anxiety when it comes to being on time.  Typically, Parker is always one of the first people sitting in a room at least five minutes before the meeting starts.

What she wants you to know:

That she will always come to the table with a strong point of view, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be convinced otherwise. She will always have an open mind and is eager to hear other perspectives.

Welcome to the family, Parker!

-Jen Illescas, Senior PR & Content Manager 

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