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Maverick or Man's Man?

By Karsh Hagan | 

Maverick or Man's Man?

How do you get a guy to care about what he puts in his hair? Let him drive the experience and use his language. Our newly launched microsite for American Crew gets your average joe not only interested in his hair and what’s in it, but links the products he uses with his own sense of style.

We wanted to make his hair product the product—make his gel, wax or pomade a statement of his own persona. So we created a digital, visual experience that defines what kind of man he really is by selecting cards related to his taste. It’s a site experience he controls, affirming who he is as he selects each card—basic t-shirt or polo? Tequila Reposado or London Dry Gin? Everything from the tailored suit to the classic motorcycle was hand drawn by Art Director Nick Marranzino to fashion a timeless, individualized feel. Working with Andrew Baker, Senior Experience Director, 3D effects were added and everything was animated using CSS3 to make the classic become revolutionary. Copywriter Karen Morris added the perfect tone and it all came together in one streamlined site that works as well on your iPhone as it does on your desktop.

We wanted to show that using pomade doesn’t mean you’re high maintenance. Instead, the microsite suggests that if you wear leather jackets, drink single-barreled bourbon and like your girl to have style then using pomade makes you a maverick, one of a kind, a rebel.


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Written by Sammie Downing, Social Media Intern

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