Why Community Matters

The Challenge

Pinnacle Bank and Bank of Colorado run their operations at the local level, face to face. So this year, we decided we should create their marketing the same way. We took a series of road trips across six states to 50 communities the banks serve, and shot a short film about what makes each place special. The result is The Community Matters Series – videos about family, charity, business, education, life, and even death, all found at

Our Role

Brand Strategy

User Experience Strategy

Web Design & Development



Social Media Strategy


The Solution

We hit the road and recruited passionate local photographers, filmmakers and musicians to help us tell the story. Because we gathered content so efficiently, we created videos, media tactics, and an unprecedented photo library without a substantial budget increase.

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“Real, face to face, honest to goodness word of mouth.”

The Impact

People saw it. They talked about it. They shared it. The short films gathered over 125,000 views in just the first five weeks, increasing social engagement by 6,250%. The campaign received over 135 million paid media impressions through TV, OOH, banner, radio and print advertising. It also generated positive word-of-mouth. Not just social media and digital chatter. But honest to goodness, people talking to other people in their community, word-of-mouth. And that's what Pinnacle Bank and Bank of Colorado are all about.