Ultramatte is American Crew’s new matte-finish gel. It creates looks that are architectural, but without any gloss or shine. Our mission was to launch the product to stylists and consumers across America and Europe.

We developed a storyline called “The Heist,” starring a team of robbers who needed to blend in – and stand out. We shot a 360-degree video that viewers could control, revealing different angles as the chase continued through the streets of Barcelona.


Making the Work

In addition to the video, we created a marketing kit that gave the sales force plenty of ammunition. We designed trade ads. And we developed salon materials that furthered the story and sparked conversations between men and their stylists.

We had also created American Crew’s stylist education website. So we were able to develop Heist-specific education modules that allowed stylists to learn how to use the product and perform the cuts featured in our film.

“360 degree video followed the chase through Barcelona.”

The Impact

American Crew wanted to make sure salon professionals grasped the technical execution of Ultramatte styles. But the work also had to get men excited about the possibilities of the new product.

Our campaign succeeded on both fronts, engaging men while cementing the longstanding relationship between stylists and the world’s number one grooming brand for men.