About us

Made in Colorado, 1977

Karsh Hagan is a boldly independent, multi-disciplined marketing, design and technology company in Denver, Colorado. As a purpose—driven collection of makers, doers, innovators, and explorers of brave ideas, we believe brands have to transcend what they make or do, and stand for something bigger to make a lasting impact in the world today. We don’t just do advertising. We don’t just do design. We don’t just build websites or mobile apps. We solve real—world business challenges with creative solutions that generate positive results and add lasting value to peoples lives.


Founded in Denver. One of the region's first full-service agencies


Doers, innovators, and explorers


Consecutive years we've been named 'top workplace' by The Denver Post


Brand Strategy

Strategic Planning and Research

Media Strategy, Planning & Buying

Content Activation

Social CRM


Web & App Development

User Experience

What we do

Simply put, we solve problems. We guide brands forward by creating business solutions that enable our clients to be more responsive to the competitive markets and the ever changing technology and cultural landscapes. We hit deadlines. We hit budgets. We stay agile. Across every department, from brand strategy to media planning to new technologies and innovation, we create impact in what matters most to our clients success. And we’ve been doing it that way for over 35 years. Helping clients change the world for the better. That’s what we do.


In 1977, Phil Karsh and Tom Hagan founded this company on the love of big ideas. Ideas that changed how people viewed their lives and the world around them. We still believe in those principles today. That spirit still runs through our veins. It’s what keeps us focused. It’s what keeps us hungry. This is the new frontier of culture, creativity and commerce, and we’ve been on the leading edge of it for over three decades. All because two creative pioneers saw opportunity living and working a mile above the world, where the air is thin and ideas are oxygen.